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A low-cost starter kit for prototyping, designing, and code development for Atmel CryptoMemory™ and CryptoCompanion™ chips on Atmel AVR®-based flash microcontroller platforms. It features Atmel Crypto Evaluation Studio and the Crypto Core Development Library to let designers easily apply CryptoMemory security to their host and client-side applications. The library architecture permits code porting to other microcontroller platforms. The kit connects to the PC and power to the AT88SC-ADK2 board using a USB interface.

Key Features

  • Kit includes: dual socket development board, USB cable, CryptoMemory and CryptoCompanion samples, an

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CMES 1.0.4 Setup
CMES 1.0.4 Setup
(66.9MB, updated May 2014)
The Atmel CryptoMemory® Evaluation Studio (CMES) package is a suite of software tools to configure and demonstrate the Atmel CryptoMemory and the Atmel CryptoRF® devices.