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The ATAK42001-V1 evaluation kit includes the Atmel® LIN System Basis Chip ATA6641 with high-voltage switch interface. This low-cost, single-wire serial communication system for distributed electronics in vehicles is designed for body control applications, including power windows, mirrors, smart wipers, door locks, seat/roof/lighting control, lamps and indicators, dashboard instruments, steering wheels, climate and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, motors, switch panels and sensors. The ATA6641 System Basis Chip (SBC) with an eight-channel high-voltage switch interface, a LIN2.1 and SAEJ2602-2-compliant LIN transceiver, low-drop voltage regulator and an adjustable window watchdog enables the development of inexpensive, low-end, but also powerful slave and master nodes for LIN bus systems meeting the latest OEM requirements. The kit supports flexible configuration of different I/O types (digital switch, rotary switch, LED) and is controlled by a PC-based user interface.

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ATA664XXX Demo
ATA664XXX Demo
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