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The Atmel Data Visualizer is a program to process and visualize data. The Data Visualizer is capable of receiving data from various sources such as the Embedded Debugger Data Gateway Interface (DGI) and COM ports. Track your applications run-time using a terminal graph or oscilloscope. Or analyze the power consumption of your application through correlation of code execution and power consumption, when used together with a supported probe or board. Having full control of your codes run-time behavior has never been easier.


Flexible Connectivity

  • DGI enables bi-directional communication over SPI, I2C and USART, in addition to GPIO monitoring, power measurement and code profiling.
  • Serial Port communicates with any serial port on the system

Flexible Visualization

  • Terminal display and send simple text or numeric values
  • Graph can be used to plot data source values vs. time
    • Cursors (time axis) to measure application timing, e.g. PWM freq.
    • Horizontal cursor (data values) to control an application's set point or threshold
    • Band, highlights time periods above customizable thresholds
    • String markers can be used to add descriptive text to graphed events
  • Oscilloscope
    • Edge or threshold triggers on rising or falling edges
    • Run-stop control, for single shot or continuous triggering
    • Cursors (time axis) to measure application timing, e.g. PWM freq.
  • Power Debugging
    • Correlation of code execution and power consumption.
    • Displays current and voltage measured using Power Debugger (Embedded debugger on Low Power kits*)
  • Custom Dashboard
    • Build a custom user interface to visualize & control your application, using: Graph, segment display, binary signals, labels, buttons, linear gauge: Value within defined range. Pie Chart, e.g. for packets lost vs. transmitted in wireless application.
  • Utilities
    • Sample rate counter to validate MCU frequencies, e.g. rate of transmitted ADC samples.
    • File Logger module logs all incoming data to a file of selectable format.