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The Atmel® Smart Plug is a reference design targeting any secure Internet of Things (IoT) design. It contains all the core functionality required for a secure Internet-connected product. The Smart Plug is a Wi-Fi-enabled power plug that can be controlled in three ways: locally using the capacitive touch button, using a mobile App with Wi-Fi connection (with or without cloud), or using on/off timing scheduled via a mobile App. The design is based on the Atmel SmartConnect ATSAMW25 module, as well as an ECC508A crypto device, to realize ARM® Cortex®-M0+ microcontroller (MCU) processing, Wi-Fi connection, Atmel CryptoAuthentication™ with ultra-secure hardware-based key storage and Atmel QTouch® capacitive touch buttons. It also features the ATM90E26 device, which is a sensor for energy metering functions. Three models are available: US, EU and Chinese standards.

This design targets a JD Smart Cloud version, which allows control of the unit through the JD mobile app and through the JD Cloud. Two other firmware variants are available: One with cloud integration for the worldwide markets using the Atmel Cloud by Proximetry solution, and one cloudless version, which allows control of the unit through a local Wi-Fi network. Note that all hardware options supports all versions of the firmware.

Block Diagram

Atmel START:

Mobile apps:

Reference Design - Smart PlugReference Design - Smart Plug

Key Features

  • JD Smart Cloud connectivity solution
  • JD Smart Joylink 2.0 protocol
  • HTML5 App pages implementation for smart plug control in Weilian App
  • Scheduled control by Weilian App
  • Over-the-Air Upgrade (OTAU) firmware upgrade

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ATSMARTPLUG-CN: China (type I), ATSMARTPLUG-EU: EU (type F), ATSMARTPLUG-US: US and Canada (type B)