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The starter kit and development system for Atmel AVR Flash microcontrollers enables designers to quickly begin AVR code development, engineer prototypes, and test new designs. The kit interfaces with AVR Studio, Atmel's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for code writing and debugging.

Expansion cards are available for the different AVR sub-families and larger devices.

The AVR Studio online-help contains the most current information and a complete list of supported devices.

Key Features

  • RS232 Interface to PC for programming and control
  • Regulated power supply for 10-15V DC power
  • Sockets for 8-pin, 20-pin, 28-pin, and 40-pin AVR devices
  • Parallel and Serial High-Voltage Programming of AVR devices
  • Serial In-System Programming (ISP) of AVR devices
  • In-System Programmer for Programming AVR devices in External Target System
  • 8 Push-buttons for general use
  • 8 LEDS for general use
  • All I/O ports easily accessible through pin header connectors
  • Additional RS232 port for general use
  • Expansion connectors for plug-in modules and prototyping area

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AVR BSDL files
AVR BSDL files
(129333, updated October 2009)
Zip archive with BSDL files for Atmel AVR devices.
megaAVR BSDL files
megaAVR BSDL files
(79760, updated October 2009)
Zip archive with BSDL files for Atmel megaAVR devices.