The Atmel-ICE probe has two 50-mil 10-pin JTAG connectors accessible on the front of the tool's enclosure. Both connectors are directly electrically connected, but conform to two different pinouts - the AVR JTAG header and the ARM Cortex Debug header. The connector should be selected based on the pinout of the target board, and not the target MCU type - for example a SAM device mounted in a AVR STK600 stack should use the AVR header.

The recommended pinout for the 10-pin AVR JTAG connector is shown in Figure 17, “AVR JTAG Header Pinout”.

The recommended pinout for the 10-pin ARM Cortex Debug connector is shown in Figure 18, “SAM JTAG Header Pinout”.

Direct connection to a standard 10-pin 50-mil header

Use the 50-mil 10-pin flat cable (included in some kits) to connect directly to a board supporting this header type. Use the AVR connector port on the Atmel-ICE for headers layed out in the AVR pinout, and the SAM connector port for headers complying with the ARM Cortex Debug header pinout.

The pinouts for both 10-pin connector ports are shown below.

Connection to a standard 10-pin 100-mil header

Use a standard 50-mil to 100-mil adapter to connect to 100-mil headers. An adapter board (included in some kits) can be used for this purpose, or alternatively the JTAGICE3 adapter can be used for AVR targets.

Connection to a custom 100-mil header

If your target board does not have a compliant 10-pin JTAG header in 50- or 100-mil, you can map to a custom pinout using the 10-pin "mini-squid" cable (included in some kits), which gives access to ten individual 100-mil sockets.

Connection to a 20-pin 100-mil header

Use the adapter board (included in some kits) to connect to targets with a 20-pin 100-mil header.