QTouch Analyzer reads and interprets touch data sent from QTouch kit into different views. The Analyzer is separated into Kit View, Kit/Sensor Properties, Sensor Data, Trace View, Power View and Graph view. When touch kit is connected and Atmel Studio is opened, QTouch Analyzer window opens up and connection information is updated.

The Virtual Kit view shows touch events such as button press, wheel and slider use. The image is updated based on the touch data read from the connected Touch Kit.

The Kit/Sensor Properties view allows you to view and modify the kit/sensor configuration options.

The Sensor Data View provides touch data information of the currently connected kit.

The Graph View displays one or more selected touch data's on a graph. Graph shall display most recent touch data. The data set to show can be selected from the data set list at the right side of the view. The datasets are displayed in tabbed pages representing the Signals, Deltas, References, and Wheel/Slider positions. Each data set selection list follows normal selection convention; click on an item in the list to selected that one item. To select a continuous range of items first click on first item then hold down the SHIFT key and select the last item in the range. Multiple items can also be selected one at a time by holding down the CTRL key prior to selecting the next item in the list. In the last case the items need not be in a continuous range. Using CTRL select method also allows de select ion of individual items from a selection of multiple items.

The Trace contains one or more data series with touch data in a chart. The trace keeps all historical data of one single reading session (pressing start and stop reading), and the data can be saved in a separate file and opened again later.