During software update, sometimes the help system loses track of the old version of the documentation and is unable to delete it from the help system. This makes duplicate documentation to occur in the help system.

To fix this, it is advisable to remove all the documentation packages that occurs as duplicate, and reinstall them manually. To do this, open Atmel Studio as administrator, and go to HelpManage Help Settings to open the Help Manager. This window is shown in Figure 85, “Help Library Manager”.

In the Help Library Manager, go to the Remove Content page. Choose Remove on the help package that you are seeing the duplicate help content from. The number of installed packages can vary, as extensions or other software can inject documentation into the Atmel Studio documentation. The window should now look similar to Figure 86, “Remove Content from the Help Library Manager”.

Click on Remove, and then Finish in the window from Figure 86, “Remove Content from the Help Library Manager” to confirm the removal and return to the Help Library Manager screen seen in Figure 85, “Help Library Manager”.

To reinstall the help, go to the Install Content from Disk page. Browse for the help manifest that you previously uninstalled. For Atmel Studio, this can be found in <installdir>\help\helpcontentsetup.msha, where installdir is the path where Atmel Studio is installed.

For extensions, this is usually available in the help folder under the installation directory for the extension. Searching for helpcontentsetup.msha should return the paths where a help manifest exists.

When clicking Next, the help manager will read the manifest and give the option to add the different help components referenced by the manifest. Click the Add button on the components that is to be installed. Clicking the Update button will start the installation.


During update, a question regarding the signature of the documentation may appear. If a green check mark is displayed, then the documentation has passed verification, and should be safe to install.

The help library may not be updated right away. To force the update, the process helplibagent.exe can be stopped either from the taskbar or from the process manager.