To operate the AVR Butterfly a joystick is used as user input. It operates in five directions, including center-push, see Figure 2, “Joystick input”.

Using the joystick one can move around in the menu shown in figure Figure 3, “Menu system”, and edit values, entering name, etc. Here are examples on how to enter your name.

Entering your name using the joystick:

Entering your name using a terminal:

  1. Connect a serial cable from the PC to the AVR Butterfly as described in connect to PC. Open a terminal on your PC (e.g. HyperTerminal) and configure the terminal to 19200 Baudrate, 8 Databits, none Parity and one stop bit. Set Flow control to None.

  2. Go through point 1, 2 and 3 above.

  3. When the ENTER NAME is displayed press the joystick down (SCROLL DOWN), and DOWNLOAD NAME will be displayed

  4. Press center push (ENTER) to activate the UART, and the text WAITING FOR INPUT ON RS232 will be displayed.

  5. Type your name in the terminal window on the PC (up to 25 characters) and save the name by pressing enter on your PC-keyboard. The name you typed should now be displayed in the AVR Butterfly display.


The Auto Power Off feature is default enabled. It will turn off the LCD after default 30 minutes. This timeout can be changed or turned off. To wake the AVR Butterfly from SLEEP, press the joystick in the UP-position.