Low pin count Atmel AVR devices do not have enough IO pins to support the full Parallel Programming interface. These devices instead use HVSP programming, which is a serial version of the Parallel Programming interface.

To avoid damaging the Target Board, the AVR Dragon or both, it is recommended to only use HVSP mode on devices placed in the 28/40 pin DIP socket on the AVR Prototype area on the AVR Dragon.

The High Voltage Serial Programming (HVSP) interface is found on the HV_PROG header. The figure below shows the pinout of the HV_PROG header when used for HVSP for all parts except ATtiny24/44/84 :

The ATtiny24/44/84 uses separate pins for entering programming mode. See the pinout of the HV_PROG header when used for these parts below:

See the Device Connection Sheet section for information on how to connect AVR Dragon for HVSP programming of the different supported devices.