Firmware version 3 adds SAM support

When installing Atmel Studio 6.1 SP2, the JTAGICE3 will receive a major firmware increment from version 2 to version 3. While version 2 firmware enumerates as a Jungo usb tool in the device manager, version 3 appears as a HID device (with a new USB PID), much like the EDBG included in Xplained Pro series of evaluation kits.

The new JTAGICE3 firmware brings support for all Atmel SAM ARM® Cortex®-M based microcontrollers to the JTAGICE3, while preserving all of the AVR functionality.

As of version 3.11, the JTAGICE3 also supports serial ITM trace capture.

For information on connecting the JTAGICE3 to SAM devices using SWD, see the section called “Connecting to a SWD target”.