The Atmel STK600 can be used as a programmer to program Atmel AVR devices in other applications. There are two different ISP connector pin-outs available, a 6-pin and a 10-pin version. Both are supported by STK600. The 6-pin header is a combined ISP and PDI connector. In addition STK600 can be used as a JTAG programmer for AVR devices with a JTAG interface.

ISP connector pinouts

JTAG connector pinout

PDI connector pinout

Select the device to be programmed in the same way as programming a device on STK600. The VCC of the target application is detected by STK600 and signals are converted into voltage levels suitable for the target system.

Note: If the other application has its own power supply, the VTARGET jumper must be removed before connecting STK600 to the other application. STK600 may be damaged if the VTARGET jumper is not removed.

ISP or PDI programming an external target using the 6-pin connector

ISP programming an external target using the 10-pin connector

JTAG programming an external target

See the Programming Dialog pages in the Atmel Studio help file for information on the STK600 programming dialog.

See also the Target Voltage section.