Atmel Launches Solutions for Smart, Secure and Connected Living at CES 2015

Atmel Launches Solutions for Smart, Secure and Connected Living at CES 2015

Powering the Internet of Things, Atmel’s New Hardware and Software Solutions Enable The Smart Home, Connected Car, Maker Community and More

San Jose, CA, December 23, 2014—Atmel® Corporation (NASDAQ: ATML), a leader in microcontroller (MCU) and touch technology solutions, today announced the company is unveiling a number of new solutions powering smart, secure and connected applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) at International CES 2015. The show is held in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 6-9, 2015. Atmel is showcasing a variety of IoT solutions in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center in meeting place #MP25760, and demonstrating wireless and lighting solutions in the Sands Expo at both the ZigBee Alliance Pavilion located in booth #71023 and the Connected Lighting Alliance in booth #70432.

The company is showcasing a variety of solutions in four technology zones in CES Meeting Place #MP25760 located in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center including:

Atmel’s SMART LIVING ZONE brings more connectivity, security and intelligence to the home.
- Leveraging ultra-low power secure, wireless connectivity, the Atmel SmartConnect family, a number of applications including a weight scale, door bell with camera, speaker connected through Wi-Fi, along with motion sensors on the window, smart plug, light bulb and gateway connected via ZigBee technologies and controllable through a smart, mobile device.
- An energy management solution provides real-time, historic data of gas, energy and water consumption through a wireless remote with secure hardware authentication between the wireless device and home automation controls.
- Showcasing the company’s ultra-low power MCU solution, the Atmel® | SMART™SAM L21 is running on an Xplained PRO board with an ePaper display demonstrating its extremely low power, with high performance.
- Demonstrating its latest capacitive touch technologies, Atmel is showcasing a number of tablets, smartphones and phablets powered by Atmel’s maXTouch® technologies, along with keyboards, mice and other human machine interface devices based on the company’s latest QTouch® capacitive platforms.
- Bringing together the IoT ecosystem, Atmel will be showcasing solutions from a number of its ecosystem partners.

Atmel’s AUTOMOTIVE ZONE enables smart, connected cars with simple-to-use interfaces.
- Showcasing a smart, connected car, Atmel is highlighting its next-generation AvantCar™ concept demo, a fully functional automotive center console with curved touchscreens highlighting Atmel’s XSense®, maXTouch®, QTouch®, Lin-controlled for ambient LEDs and 8-bit AVR MCU technologies. The concept also demonstrates its car access, including RF and LF technologies for keyless entry systems, LIN- and CAN-based car networking applications, audio via Ethernet-AVB, MCUs and crypto technologies for safe data transfer via automotive networking.
- Showcasing multi-channel audio streaming over automotive Ethernet Audio Video Bridging (AVB) with low-power yet powerful SMART | ARM MCUs.
- Demonstrating Atmel’s latest hardware and communication protocol offerings for remote keyless entry (RKE), passive entry, passive start (PEPS) and immobilizer, this demo showcases a complete reference design for automotive car access applications.

Atmel’s MAKER ZONE showcases IoT inventions. Enabling unlimited possibilities.
- Being at the core of the Maker Movement, the well-received Arduino Wi-Fi Shield enables rapid prototyping of Internet of Things (IoT) applications on the Arduino platform, and will be showcased to highlight its simplicity for the professional and Maker communities.
- A number of Maker demonstrations including a remote-controlled Maker Robot powered by the Atmel | SMART SAM D21 will be displayed. “Mr. Abot” is controlled through an Android app and the communications driven through Atmel’s recently announced WINC1500 Wi-Fi solution.

“Powered by Atmel” Zone highlights the latest gadgets using Atmel solutions.
- Showcasing the latest smart phones, tablets and wearables in the market today including a wireless drive and narrative life logging camera to record your every step, to fitness bands and Atmel’s latest XSense technologies.

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