FAQ Response Summary

This site provides answers to commonly asked customer questions submitted to Atmel’s Quality and Reliability team. If you have a question that is not covered below, please submit a quality inquiry.


Corporate Quality Internet Site

The following information is available:

  • Quality Handbook
  • Quality and Environmental Policies
  • Quality Inquiry
  • Green Packaging, Package Material, and Environmental Information
  • Quality and Environmental System Third-Party Registration Certificates (ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001)
  • On-Line Failure Analysis Submission Request
  • Returned Material Authorization (RMA) Instructions
  • Reliability Monitor Reports

Third-Party Quality and Environmental System Registration.

A complete listing of Atmel's ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certificates is available here. Atmel undergoes annual third-party audits as part of the requirement to maintain registration to these standards.


Customer Satisfaction Survey Process.

Atmel collects customer satisfaction information via customer scorecards that are issued on a periodic basis. This information is submitted to customerscorecard@atmel.com to ensure that it the information is reviewed by the appropriate quality management group and covered during the management review process.


Customer Document Review Process

All customer documents needing Atmel review must be submitted to Atmel's sales organization for authorization. Once approved, these documents will be submitted to Atmel's worldwide quality team for global review coordination based on the applicable part numbers. Atmel's sales organization must provide a customer document review request form with each submission.


Moisture Sensitivity and Reflow Profiles

Moisture Sensitivity Levels (MSL), equivalent out-of-bag exposure times, maximum reflow temperatures, and J-STD-609 e-codes are printed on the intermediate container labels. Please contact your Atmel Sales Representative for MSL information for specific product(s).

Also, the JEDEC web site is a good reference. J-STD-020C (Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification for Non-Hermetic Solid State Surface-Mount Devices), J-STD-033B (Standard for Handling, Packing, Shipping, and Use of Moisture/Reflow Sensitive Surface-Mount Devices), and J-STD-609 (Marking and Labeling of Components, PCBs and PCBAs to Identify Lead (Pb), Pb-Free and Other Attributes) can be downloaded for free.


Green Packaging

Atmel's Package Material site provides a compendium of environmental packaging information to include package material declaration datasheets. Atmel’s Environmental Information Site, contains Atmel’s RoHs Certificates of Compliance.


Product Traceability

Atmel ensures forward and backward traceability. Inside Atmel manufacturing locations, traceability is ensured through the lot number. After delivery, the traceability is ensured via lot number and shipment number. The lot number is marked on each package (this does not apply to multi-chip modules, or bare die). For wafer shipments, the lot number and wafer number are scribed at the base of the wafer. The lot number is also marked on the intermediate container label (inner-most shipping carton). For ceramic imaging products, the lot number is traceable via the Certificate of Conformance. From the lot number, Atmel can retrieve all associated manufacturing, final test, and shipment paperwork within 24 hours.

Atmel's base lot number uses the following format: Y@XXXX, whereby, "Y" corresponds to the last digit in the year, "@" indicates both the fabrication site and quarter, and "XXXX" is a counter that resets at the beginning of each quarter.


Reliability Qualification Reports

Atmel's Reliability Qualification Policy (CPQ-2001), outlines the reliability stress tests that are performed when new products, processes, and/or packages are qualified. Listed below is a summary of the qualification reports made available on-line. Please contact sales if you do not find a report of interest.


Failure Analysis Cycle Time

Atmel has goals in place to meet cycle time criteria for containment (1 working day), failure confirmation (2 working days), and final reporting (10 working days).


On-Time Delivery (OTD)

Atmel has OTD goals based on shipment performance to our first commit date. Metrics are assessed by executive management on a weekly basis.


Process Capability Goals

The target is to achieve Cpk indices greater than 1.67 for critical Fab and Assembly process parameters. All Cpk data is reviewed on a monthly basis with corrective actions identified for abnormal data points.


Change Notification and EOL Timeliness

Per JESD46C (PCN) and JESD48B (EOL), Atmel PCNs are typically issued 90 days prior to implementation. End of Life (EOL) notices typically provide 6 months warning on Last Time Buy (LTB) and twelve months notice for last shipments. A query screen is available on-line to find out if a particular part number has been made obsolete; if so, replacement part information is provided. The query screen is available here.


Date Code Management

Atmel Corporate Policy (CPQ-2009) dictates that all product shipped must have a topside date code within three years of the ship date. Atmel date codes are typically in the format "YYWW", whereby, "YY" corresponds to the last two digits of the year and "WW" indicates the workweek. In some instances, due to marking space restrictions, a "YWW" format is used with the "Y" corresponding to the last digit of the year.


Certificate of Conformance

A "C of C" is included with every Atmel shipment. The following material conformance statement is included on the packing list:

"I hereby certify that the products contained in this shipment meet the applicable requirements. I further certify that the supplies or services are free of any material or workmanship defects in quality and conform in all respects with the mutually agreed upon contract requirements, including specifications, drawings, preservation, packaging, packing, marking, requirements, and physical item identification (part numbers), and are in quantity shown on this or on the attached acceptance documents.

If our sales order acknowledgement form was mailed before the confirming order was received, this certification then refers to all specifications and/or drawings as listed or referenced in our sales order acknowledgement."

RoHS certificates of conformance are available here.


Country of Origin, Diffusion, and Assembly

All of this information is provided on the packing list that is included with each shipment. The packing list also provides a complete list of lot numbers, date codes, and quantities.


Business Recovery Plan

Atmel's Corporate Policy (CPQ-2020) provides details on business contingency plans.


Tape and Reel Information

Atmel's tape and reel process includes an automated inspection system to verify the topside marking content, pin-one orientation, and lead straightness. The orientation of parts inside reels is dictated by EIA-481.


Topside Demarking

In extremely rare instances, there are occasions whereby units that had been topside marked with ink are demarked, 100% electrically tested, and remarked. In almost all cases, the root cause is based on the fact that the topside marking was performed at our assembly subcontract location. By performing the topside mark at that step, we are able to expedite the final test process. In rare instances, we make decisions to perform de-mark during the final test process based on fluctuations in demand that result in lots being needed for a different Voltage (which can be fused during the final test step) or speed (which can be binned out per customer order). Like all shipments, the certificate of conformance noted above certifies that the product fully meets the data sheet criteria.


Flammability Rating

Atmel plastic units pass UL94 V-0 criteria. The oxygen index is 28 to 33 percent. The test conditions on the UL94 V-0 classification are:

  • Maximum flaming time/specimen: 10 seconds
  • Maximum glowing time/specimen: 30 seconds
  • Maximum total flaming time: 50 seconds
  • Drip flaming particle ignition: None

Questionnaire Information

The following information is typically requested on customer surveys and questionnaires as a precursor to initiating business:

Company Headquarters: 1600 Technology Dreive, San Jose, CA 95110

Company Phone Number: 408-441-0311

Internet Website: http://www.atmel.com

NASDAQ Stock Market Symbol: ATML

Annual Report: http://atml.client.shareholder.com/annuals.cfm

President/CEO: Steve Laub

Company founded: 1984

Number of employees: Approximately 5,100 people worldwide