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The mXT225T-A uses the latest capacitive touch technologies that Atmel has designed for the highest-performance automotive touchpads and/or touchscreens in the centerstack or entertainment systems. With a revolutionary adaptive-sensing architecture featuring both mutual- and self-capacitance, it enables the highest performance supporting hover, gloved touch and thick lens support. Hover operation will track the position of the finger when it floats within 20mm of the touchscreen. Hover allows user interaction without making a physical contact, and brings a more dynamic interface to user applications.

In addition it provides best in class water and moisture immunity guaranteeing that no false touch will be detected under this harsh conditions.

With 224 nodes, the mXT225T-A touchscreen controller supports typical Automotive touchpads as well as smaller touchscreens of around 5” in diameter.


  • Fully automotive-qualified (Grade 2), operating within the temperature range of -40 degrees Celsius up to +105 degrees Celsius
  • Adaptive Sensing (Self and Mutual cap)
  • Support 20mm hover
  • Supports thick glove (5mm) touch
  • Support thick lenses (up to 3mm plastic)
  • Superior moisture performance





Max. Screen:

5 in

Interface Type:


Touch Response:

>250 Hz

Operating Voltage (Vcc):



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MXT225T-AB TQFP 100A 100 Automotive(Grade 2) (-40°C to 105°C) Tray 0 不同
MXT225T-ABR TQFP 100A 100 Automotive(Grade 2) (-40°C to 105°C) Tape&Reel 0 不同
MXT225T-AT TQFP 100A 100 Automotive(Grade 3) (-40°C to 85°C) Tray 0 不同
MXT225T-ATR TQFP 100A 100 Automotive(Grade 3) (-40°C to 85°C) Tape&Reel 0 不同

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2Suggested retail price per unit for budgetary use only.