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Use of Atmel® ProChip Designer 5.0.1 with Mentor Graphics Precision Synthesis requires a two-year Atmel-approved license. We evaluate each request and respond within two to three business days, based on your answers to the brief questionnaire below.

Alternatively, you can always use the free Atmel WinCUPL with permanent license. This tool includes support for all Atmel EPLDs. For simple PLDs [16v8, 22v10], Atmel WinCUPL is the only tool that enables design.

Designs created using Atmel WinCUPL can be imported into the ProChip Designer 5.0.1 Design Environment, enabling you to complete designs targeted to the ATF15xx CPLD family through ProChip Designer's user-friendly graphical user interface.

Note: To obtain the HostID, type ipconfig /all at the DOS command prompt. The HostID is a 12-digit hexadecimal number (e.g. 00-00-1A-4E-F8-0A) on the physical address link. The FlexID is on the label of the security key.

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