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Replaced by the AT88CK490 Evaluation Kit.

The evaluation kit for the Atmel CryptoAuthentication™ ATAES132 device includes an Atmel AT90USB162 microcontroller and a convenient USB interface that lets designers learn about and experiment with CryptoAuthentication on their PCs. This kit gives engineers, developers, and decision makers a tool to understand the device architecture and its uses for product authentication, confidential file protection, perform two-factor logons, or prevent software piracy. Complete source code for the Atmel AVR® is available, along with a schematic, Gerber files, and a bill of materials.

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ACES 5.0.0 Setup
ACES 5.0.0 Setup
(74.3MB, 更新时间 2015年, 二月)

The Atmel Crypto Evaluation Studio (ACES) package is a suite of software tools to configure and demonstrate the Atmel CryptoAuthentication Family of devices using various evaluation kits. Includes software support for the AT88CK9000 programmer board kit.

AT88CK427GREEN Firmware
AT88CK427GREEN Firmware
(27075, 更新时间 2011年, 五月)