AT88CK9000 Secure Personalization Kit

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The Atmel® Secure Personalization kit allows you to program small batches of Atmel CryptoAuthentication devices quickly, easily and cost-efficiently at your facility. The kit decreases the cycle times of prototype, pre-production, and lower-volume production, improving time to market. It is fully compatible with the Atmel Crypto Evaluation Studio (ACES) software tool suite.

The kit includes a multi-socketed programmer board that enables secure personalization of up to 10 devices at a time. The board is powered by the Atmel ARM and AVR® processors and includes a display to provide valuable user feedback. Other kit contents include a USB cable and a multi-voltage power adaptor.


  • Enables quick, easy, and cost-effective secure personalization for small batches of CryptoAuthentication devices
  • Integrated with existing CryptoAuthentication tool chain
  • Comprehensive User Guide available

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AT88CK9000 Firmware v2.0.5
AT88CK9000 Firmware v2.0.5
(9.75MB, 更新时间 2015年, 七月)
Firmware for AT88CK9000 CryptoAuthentication Secure Personalization Kit
AT88CK9000 SAM-BA Patch
AT88CK9000 SAM-BA Patch
(12KB, 更新时间 2014年, 十二月)