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The ATSAMC21MOTOR is an MCU card for Atmel Motor control starter kit - ATSAMxxxBDLCxxx-STK. The hardware has the Atmel SMART ARM based MCU, ATSAMC21, with integrated on-board debug support. The MCU card can be directly used with the currently available ATSAMD21BLDC24V-STK, a low voltage BLDC, PMSM motor control starter kit.


  • 5V Operation
  • Debug support using on-board Atmel EDBG device
  • TCC PWM signals for three-phase half-bridge drive
  • ADC channels for common shunt and individual shunt phase current sensing
  • ADC channels for motor BEMF sensing
  • AC channels for BEMF signals
  • EXTINT hall sensor interface
  • EXTINT encoder sensor interface
  • Atmel Xplained PRO extension signals support
  • Communication and Power status LEDs

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