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The Atmel Wireless Production Test Reference (WPTR) is a complete production test setup solution offered for customers using the Atmel® wireless solutions including ZigBee® Transceivers and SoC in their product. Main purpose of this reference solution is to ensure faster ramp up of production test for customers’ products in high volume manufacturing. The tests that can be executed in the production site using this framework ensure to cover most of the RF circuitry functionality. With minimal efforts customers would be able to deploy production testing for their products. This test setup reduces the need for test equipment and also the test time required in high volume production.

What is in the Box
Atmel Production Xplained PRO board

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WPTR Application Firmware v1.2
WPTR Application Firmware v1.2
(2.9MB, 更新时间 2014年, 十月)

Contains example test firmware for WPTR:

  1. WPTR_Zigbit_USB: Application firmware for ZigBit USB Sticks.
  2. WPTR_ProductionXPRO_1284P: Application firmware running on ATmega1284P controller in the Production Xplained Pro.
  3. WPTR_RFR2_SoC: Application firmware demonstrating WPTR on DUT, in this case the ATmega256RFR2 ZigBit Wireless Module.
  4. WPTR_Xplained_PRO: Application firmware running on the ATmega256RFR2 Xplained Pro.
  5. WPTR_SAMR21: Application firmware demonstrating WPTR on DUT, in this case the SAMR21 Xplained Pro.
WPTR Design Documents
WPTR Design Documents
(12.7MB, 更新时间 2014年, 四月)
Consists of hardware design documents of the Production Xplained PRO Wireless board and Production Xplained PRO-Adapter board.
WPTR Software v1.1
WPTR Software v1.1
(4.6MB, 更新时间 2014年, 六月)

Consists of Windows Command line software tool that executes the tests on Wireless DUT.