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Allows designers to configure and experiment with Atmel CryptoAuthentication™ to gain a better understanding of device capabilities. The utility supports the AT88CK440RED, AT88CK101STK3, and AT88CK109STK3.


  • Software tools and libraries available at

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CryptoAuthentication Demonstration Utility
CryptoAuthentication Demonstration Utility
(1864087, 更新时间 2011年, 五月)
This download contains a windows application which interfaces to the Atmel AT88CK109STK3 and the Atmel AT88CK440 development kits. It provides a GUI tool to be used for demonstration, education and personalization of Atmel CryptoAuthentication™ products. This Utility requires the latest version of CryptoAuthentication Firmware AT88CK109STK3 in order to operate properly.