The Atmel SmartConnect 6LoWPAN provides a complete solution for wireless IP-mesh connectivity over 802.15.4 links in 2.4GHz and Sub-GHz frequency bands.

SmartConnect 6LoWPAN has a native support for a number of common IP-based protocols that significantly simplify application development as well as integration with backend and internet cloud services.

A wide selection of application examples along with the protocol stack is available in Atmel Studio as part of Atmel Software Framework extension (ASF). To access them select "File=>New=>Example Projects" menu item in Atmel Studio and then search for "6LoWPAN".


  • 2.4 GHz and Sub-GHz platform support
  • IPv6/IPv4 mesh connectivity over 802.15.4 links
  • UDP/TCP transport protocols
  • MQTT/CoAP/HTTP/Websockets application protocols
  • Firmware Over-the-Air Update support (OTAU)
  • Native integration with Atmel Cloud partners