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Developed jointly with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Microchip AWS Zero Touch Secure Provisioning Kit helps designers to quickly and easily develop IoT devices that are in compliance with the new AWS security regulations. These new regulations state that a device must use mutual authentication with a remote server to be authorized on the AWS cloud. Incorporating Microchip’s pre-configured ECC508 and software kit into a system is now the simplest and most secure method to connect to the AWS IoT service.

AWS Zero Touch Secure Provisioning Kit


  • Complete development and prototyping platform for AWS IoT device provisioning
  • Includes Microchip’s unique, preconfigured, self-signed Root Module for evaluating certificate root operations prior to engaging a Root Certificate Authority
  • Includes Microchip’s Signer Module for generating Signer Certificates (CA Certificates) and registering them to AWS servers, as well as provisioning IoT devices with unique certificates
  • Includes three CryptoAuth Xplained Pro (ATCRYPTOAUTH-XPRO) add-on boards, each containing an ECC508 for in-situ provisioning by the signer module
  • Built on the modular Xplained PRO platform to enable experimentation with different processor, connectivity, and human interactivity interface modules
  • Demonstrates zero-touch AWS secure device onboarding

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CryptoAuthLib Firmware Library 20160108
CryptoAuthLib Firmware Library 20160108
(12MB, 更新时间 2016年, 一月)
Driver Support for Atmel CryptoAuthentication Devices

Released: 2016 January 8
SHA256: f72fd4a7f4332408fe8e6defb73a2814e06f0a4cfc4389bf2d0adb807ec03fa0